Breakfast Club & Allsorts Club

Breakfast Club and Allsorts Club are led by Mrs Blyth and Mrs Norton
Breakfast Club
Runs daily from 8am - 8.45am
Allsorts Club
Runs daily from 3.15pm - 5pm
Costs for sessions
Breakfast Club
£3 per session (8am-8.45am)
Allsorts Club
£1 for short session: 3.15pm - 3.30pm
£4 for first session: 3.15pm - 4pm 
£4 for second session: 4pm - 5pm
Total per day £8 (If your child stays for both sessions)
Bookings and payments must be made on Monday of each week. We are legally obliged to supply the correct ratio of staff to children; therefore it is important to book the days you require at the beginning of the week. We cannot allocate places throughout the week on short notice unless it is a genuine emergency.
Please note that failure to pick children up at the agreed time will incur charges. 
For example, if your child is booked into Allsorts Club until 4pm but isn't picked up until 4.10pm, then you will be charged for the second session at a cost of £4. Therefore please ensure children are picked up on time. 
If you would like to enrol your child into either of these clubs, then please fill in the appropriate forms below and return to Mrs Blyth/Mrs Norton.