How we teach Phonics at Summercourt Academy 

In the Early Years and Key Stage 1, every day the children will have a 30-60 minute session of phonics, including reading and writing practice. Reception children will initially have a carousel of short activities for learning sounds, reading words and handwriting. There is a fast paced approach with lessons moving quickly through speed sounds, blending practice and handwriting. When ready the children will then progress to reading and writing short sentences and will continue to learn more complex speed sounds. 

We use a programme called Read, Write Inc which has been specifically developed for children in the Early Years and Key Stage 1. 

When children are confidently able to use all of the speed sounds and read and write with some fluency they will progress from our Phonics Programme into Key Stage Literacy sessions. 

Here is some information about Read, Write Inc. 

November 2018 Bedtime Stories and Phonics Workshop 
Thank you to all our Year 1 and Reception parents who attended the Phonics Workshop this evening, lots of informant shared about how we teach phonics through our Read, Write Inc programme and how you can help at home. Also information about the Year 1 phonics screening programme. 
The children had a great time in their Bedtime stories session, listening to stories read by staff. 
Year 1 Phonics Screening Check
During the Summer term all children in Year 1 are required to complete a Phonics Screening check administered by a teacher. The children will segment and blend the sounds in a mixture of 40 real and pseudo words. Here is some more information on the Screening Check.