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Welcome to Class 1

Welcome to Class 1!
We have Reception children and Year 1 children in our class. 
We have two part time teachers who job share and two teaching assistants throughout the week. 
Our classroom is a well organised, inviting and exciting place to learn and in addition we have a secure outdoor learning space too. 

Miss Maria Keeley

Class Teacher/EYFS Leader

Mrs Isobel Wykes

Class Teacher

Miss Abby Reynolds

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Alison Lowry

Teaching Assistant

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Curriculum Maps for 2019-2020
Making aliens - Cutting, gluing and collage materials at the creative table. 
Our inquiry question for this topic is “Where will we go?” We have dived straight into some space travel books and found out some interesting facts from non fiction texts. 
We made some rocket pictures using 2d coloured shapes. 
An alien visited class 1 and 2 today to see what we were learning about. We taught her how to brush our teeth. Thank you Colgate for the brilliant free resources. 
We used junk materials and outdoor equipment to build large rockets. 
A Martian flew to planet Earth song by Class 1. We learnt the words, added actions and kept the rhythm of the song by adding a beat with percussion instruments in the versus.