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Our Staff

Miss Savage

Head of School

Mrs Stoddard


Mrs Lowry

Pupil Wellbeing & Behaviour for Learning Assistant

Miss Keeley

Class 1 Teacher/EYFS Leader

Mrs Wykes

Class 1 Teacher

Mrs Staff

Class 2 Teacher/Maths Leader

Miss Devonport

Class 3 Teacher/English Leader

Mr Kelly

Class 4 Teacher

Miss Reynolds

Class 1 Teaching Assistant

Miss Read

Class 3 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Waters

Class 2 Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Miss Potthurst

Class 3 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Norton

Class 3 Teaching Assistant/ PE Coach

Mrs Blyth

Class 3 Teaching Assistant

Mr Nedeljkovic

Class 4 Teaching Assistant

Ms Howard

Aspire Safeguarding Administrator

Mrs Purdie

Catering Manager

Mrs Herrick

Catering Assistant

Mrs Hendry