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Welcome to Class 2

Welcome to Class 2! 
We have Year 1 and Year 2 children in our class. Our teacher is Mrs Staff and our teaching assistants are Mrs Davis and Mrs Canning.
Mrs Staff


Mrs Davis

Class 2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Canning

Class 2 Teaching Assistant

In Class 2, we are building our collaboration skills, supporting each other and working together to develop our ideas.

We learn through our projects and concepts which provide learning opportunities through lots of interesting activities and investigations. We always allow an element of flexibility to be able to respond to interests and needs that the children bring. This ensures that their learning is relevant, exciting and engaging. 


Spring term project - What makes a good pet?

The project "What makes a good pet?" will be based on learning about the concepts of responsibility, relationship, consequences (decision-making).

The term will be split into mini projects which cover different areas of the curriculum. As children research and learn about animals and their habitats, they will develop an understanding of the responsibilities to providing home for and to taking care of a pet. 

They will talk about the relationships they and their family members have with their pets. Children without pets can explore relationships through fictional stories. They will develop an understanding of what makes a good relationship (friendship) and become more aware of their own personality traits, personal preferences and that of their friends or pets.

Using books with the theme of responsible decision-making to reinforce the importance of taking responsibility and being accountable for their actions and thinking about the consequences before they act. Choosing to have a pet is a big decision as it comes with a big responsibility. So what makes a good pet would depends on individual owner.

A kind, caring, responsible owner makes a good pet and a good pet will make the owner happy!

These mini projects will lead to their final outcomes which is detailed below.  

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