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Welcome to Class 2

Welcome to Class 2! 
We have Year 1 and Year 2 children in our class. Our teacher is Mrs Staff and our teaching assistants are Mrs Davis and Mrs Canning.
Mrs Staff


Mrs Davis

Class 2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Canning

Class 2 Teaching Assistant

In Class 2, we are building our collaboration skills, supporting each other and working together to develop our ideas.

We learn through our projects and concepts which provide learning opportunities through lots of interesting activities and investigations. We always allow an element of flexibility to be able to respond to interests and needs that the children bring. This ensures that their learning is relevant, exciting and engaging. 


Summer term project - What is your superpower?

The project "What is your superpower?" will be based on learning about the concepts of empathy, compassion, endurance. 

The term will be split into mini projects which cover different areas of the curriculum. Empowering children to tap into their inner powers, they will learn to build empathy and compassion towards one another and consider these as their incredible healing power. 

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Understanding and replicating ourselves in the shoes of another person is rarely something we’re born with but it has to be learned. Educating ourselves about emotion and behaviour leads us to acquiring this skill, something impressive enough for writers to turn into a superpower. We could consider empathy as the complementary twin of shape shifting. Rather than change our outward appearance, we change inwardly to mimic the inner workings of someone else. The power of empathy–both super and human is the key to understanding and clarity. 

Compassion is sympathy and concern for the sufferings and misfortunes of others. A compassionate person is someone you turn to when you’ve been wounded mentally or emotionally. That kind of pain can cause as much or more suffering than a flesh wound. Those who relieve us of it are heroes.

Children will also discover their super strength as endurance, a power of enduring a difficult or unpleasant process without giving way. Super strong heroes are put through situations that test how strong they are inwardly. A strong person makes it through difficulties not only because their bones and muscles are strong. It takes a mental constitution of superhuman breadth to make it through the hardest things in life.

From finding awe in the world, to understanding and embracing big feelings, the activities at the heart of this project are designed to help children discover the wonder of themselves.  

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