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Mathematics is a tool for everyday life and children use maths as a way of viewing and making sense of the world.
Our Maths intent is to develop pupils' confidence and positive attitudes in Mathematics, so that they can fluently apply their skills and knowledge in real life contexts beyond the classroom. Concepts have been carefully sequenced to enable learners to make connections, building upon prior knowledge. Throughout each academic year, fundamental fluency/arithmetic skills are at the heart of the curriculum.
Our Aims
To ensure all pupils: 
  • develop relational and deep understanding of mathematics using a wide range of representations, starting from: CONCRETE to  IMAGES to ABSTRACT
  • can achieve through small step progressive tasks and are given time to consolidate before moving on to the next stage. (Through the Mastery approach)
  • are fluent (age related) in number fact knowledge            
  • are confident using mathematical vocabulary when reasoning about mathematics
  • apply Mathematics in other areas of the curriculum and real life
  • have a growth mind set, particularly when Problem Solving

As a team we have developed our own calculation policy, which can be found below.

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